Bulldog _hazel = new Bulldog(Color.BlackAndWhite);


What?! No videogames? No programming?

A real lot has happened in the past few weeks. Too much for me to bother summing up. However, it was a sad news when I learned that on Monday 19th of March, my French bulldog, Ouabaine, passed away. She was an incredible and loving dog, and I was deeply saddened when I learned I could not see her again when I’d come back home. Not to linger on details, but she did die old, with still all her sanity, and in the most peaceful way possible.

We spent two separate days roaming around the suburbs and countryside in search for a new dog. We hesitated between another bulldog, or a staffordshire terrier. Well, as the obvious title suggest, we went for the bulldog. We named her Hazel, like the witch from the Warner cartoons.

She is now used to her new home, and she really likes that foam model. She is also extremely joyful and was surprisingly quick to adapt to her new environment. Though she still, like most puppies, has trouble sleeping without having someone to lean on.


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