Minesweeper And Stuff.

MineSweeper And Stuff

Here’s for kicking off the “stuff-I-made-bit-of-the-blog”.

‘Minesweeper And Stuff’ was my very first programmed game, a product of blood, sweat, tears, and various other bodily fluids. It was originally developed for a piece of coursework. The initial specifications stated the game should be either a console application or an XNA game. Needless to say, XNA was definitely the more interesting (and most fun) approach.

The game was developed during four weeks, and includes a variety of modes, such as:

  • Standard minesweeper: One life, no time limit.
  • Challenges: Grids of various sizes, with varying amount of lives and time limits. A riddle mode (image 4) makes the player guess a specific motif based on a clue.
  • Custom: Allows the player to create his/her own level to play on.
The game can be found and downloaded from my DeviantArt page.
Black and white theme.   Game Menus Riddle Mode When the player wins a game.

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