TNT (It’s Not Safe Outside)

TNT might be a tad misleading name, as this game is not really based on any kind of explosion.

The game was developed alongside Rob Marshall as part of the Three Thing Game of October 2011, and won first prize.

The game is for Windows Phone, and is based on the three words ‘Tomb, Ninja, Travelodge’ (hence its name, TNT). It is a side-scrolling game, where the player assumes the role of a ninja, who is tasked to escort a group of travelers (who incidentally are stupid enough to travel at night) through hordes of zombies and other creatures from beyond the grave. When a traveller gets hit, he/she will turn into a lovely angel and slowly ascend to meet his/her maker. At least one traveler must remain alive when reaching the next safe point. Safe points, of course, happen to be Travelodges.

To protect the travelers, the player has a variety of tools.

  • A standard shuriken attack, which targets one zombie.
  • A slice attack, which targets all zombies it crosses.
  • A burn attack, which deals damage over time to all zombies it comes in contact with. The player must hold his finger for one second on the screen to activate it, making it a bit more risky to pull off this very powerful attack.
Zombies (so far) come in two fairly standard types. A smaller, and faster zombie, and a big, fatter, bulkier zombie. Every time a zombie takes damage, a part of its body is taken off. The amount of damage a zombie has endured can be guessed by how many body parts it has left. Tombstones will regularly spawn zombies, while coffins are free for the player to open, and may yield a coin reward, or another zombie. Zombies themselves pop in satisfying bursts of coins when slain. The amount of coin obtained for each zombie is subject to a multiplier.
So far, coins do not have any use in the game, although they will be used to purchase upgrades.

To this day, I took the development back from scratch (while Robert Marshall is focusing on Warrior Koalas on Mars), and I am planning to release it to the Windows Phone Marketplace. The game’s title has changed “It’s Not Safe Outside”.

A few new features include semi-random upgrades, new enemy types and genetic-based difficulty increments.


The first traveller sadly passed away. The strongest attack in the game. Ninja waves at travellers from atop the Travelodge. The travellers wave at the ninja.


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