Logic 0101

Logic 0101

Logic 0101 is the result of a university group project. With a team of 7, the aim was to produce a maze game that would emphasize programming. It was a tough project, as we had to go through very strict deadlines. Although we did pretty well in retrospect!

I worked on some of the graphical design, interfaces and flow, as well as the program architecture, which is based on hierarchical state management.

The player must place arrow tiles to guide little robot HARVEY through a maze. When the pattern of arrows is properly arranged, the player can run the program and the robot will follow its path. Each obstacle or object the robot encounters is referred as a method call, and the player can observe the sequence of method calls in a console on the left, which is displayed when the program is being run. The goal is, of course, to guide the robot to the end portal, without getting it stuck or destroyed. The player must be aware of certain variables, such as the direction of the robot when it enters a portal, or the portal colours.

An extract from the tutorial/in game instructions. The very first level fo the game. The program is running, and HARVEY is heading into a pit.


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