A DirectX Maze

DX Maze

As part of a group project, we had to produce a small maze game in DirectX 9, from scratch.

My work revolved primarily around setting up a proper graphics architecture for the program, and implementing it using the MVC development pattern. Here is a summary of what I worked on.

  • A uniform tesselation algorithm, which was called at startup, and allowed proper lighting of the maze.
  • Implementing the MVC pattern.
  • A grid structure for the maze, where each square would contain a piece of ground, and between one and four walls, and between one and four corners.
  • Loading of a maze configuration  file.
  • Varying drawing distance and level of detail.
  • A small adaptive drone that would scower any maze configuration.
  • Collision detection and response with the maze walls.
  • Animated textures.
  • Art assets.

Start Wireframe A floating key Mini maze in wireframe Culling (top view) OH  MY GOD A BOUNCING CREEPER


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