With Fish


The game is currently being made into a full-fledged project at the ENJMIN school of game development with a team of four people. New graphics and full network support are on the menu! We are also looking into other forms of motion controls. Kinect-less footage can be found here.

With Fish is a small asynchronous multiplayer game developed for the Three Thing Game Jam 2012 at The University of Hull.

In a peaceful aquarium, a Mr and Mrs Anglerfish are enjoying the good life. That is, until their owner decides to bring them some new friends to play with. Enter the goldfishes, whose sole reason to live is to make the couple’s life a misery.

One player controlling the two angler fishes using Kinect will have to face the invasion of goldfishes, each being controlled by another player on a touch device.

The aim for the goldfishes to enrage (ie, hit, startle, annoy) the anglerfishes until they -literally- explode. The only way for the Kinect player to win the game is to eat them all before this happens.

With various hazards layered amongst the aquarium (notably changing water level and hiding spots), the game turns into a fast paced pursuit as the many players taunt and manipulate the one player on kinect.



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