0h Game Jam

Two weeks ago took place the 0H Game Jam, in which everybody has to write a little game within the daylight saving time transition, an hour-long time frame which does not technically exist. This basically means building whatever one can in one hour or less!

Having taken a liking to small versus games on mobiles (I had a blast playing Bang with friends), I decided to have a crack at making such a game in a small time frame.
Behold, Versus Mini! A two-player, one-button shooting battle game made with Unity in just about an hour !

Here is a quick summary of the rules:

  • Each player controls his character  from one side of the screen.
  • The goal is to have your opponent collide with any wall.
  • Tap your side of the screen to shoot. Shooting makes you change direction, but also knocks you back slightly.
  • Being hit knocks you back a significant amount.
  • The speed of the game increases gradually until it reaches a maximum or one player dies.
  • When a player dies, his opponent earns a point, and the game moves to the next round.
  • There is no score limit (mostly due to time constraint). Feel free to set one as you play!

The .APK can be downloaded at this address. Naturally, since it is not Play Store certified, it will have to be installed manually through a file explorer.
Don’t forget to check out all the cool and sometimes crazy things people made in less than an hour!


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