I am currently in search of a 6 months internship in Game Design starting April 2015, and I would love to hear from you !

My name is Christophe Lionet and I like to have fun making silly games. I’m also known as TastyWithPasta on the web, but this is a longer story.

A Computer Science graduate at the University of Hull, I am studying in a two-years Masters course at the ENJMIN school of Game Design. I have been recently working with friends on a mobile version of Teyolia, which will soon become our first commercial release. Also doing a few community translations for the French version of Ronimo’s Awesomenauts.

Things I Like:

  • Prototyping using any available means, from cardboard to code.
  • Spending time tweaking everything until it feels good.
  • Planning ahead and making decisions.
  • Reading on poker and economics.

If you would like to hear more from me, feel free to follow my twitter feed @tastywithpasta, or to ping me an email at tastywithpasta@gmail.com . You can also download my resume here.


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