Waiting For Players – Survival Horror With Friends


Waiting for Players (pending title) is a multiplayer survival horror game developed in 48 hours using the Unity engine. It was submitted as part as 2013’s Global Game Jam Humberside, and earned first prize.

Our team was composed of Louis Deane, Daniel Endersby, Ryan Hollands, Duncan Mulholland, Don Holland, Jack Wood and myself. That’s a lot of Hollands.

Players are thrown into what appears to be a dark mansion. One of them becomes an invisible presence, tasked with eliminating the other players. To do so, the presence must maintain eye contact with the survivors until they faint. The game stops when all survivors are dead, or when the last person alive makes his/her escape.

  • The survivors, on the other hand, posess the ability to sense the presence’s heartbeat. The louder, the closer. The speed of the beats can also indicate the pace of the ghost’s movement. A very slow beat will indicate that the presence is sitting idle, waiting for prey. On the other hand, it will most certainly be running if the heartbeat is fast paced.
  • The survivor’s vision becomes increasingly twisted the more their health diminishes.
  • When the presence is staring at a survivor, a screeching music is played, alarming the survivor of the threat without revealing its position.
  • Several other cues can be used by the survivors to locate the presence, such as decorations falling when the presence brushes past them.
  • A ball of light is located somewhere within the mansion. It sticks to any surface it is being thrown at, and allows the carrier to slow down and reveal the presence.

The last two features, although implemented in a local version of the game, were not implemented for network play due to time constraints.

Also, "Yaaay we won!"
Also, “Yaaay we won!”