Drive Another Day

“What Does this Button Do?”

Development: In Progress (Due March 2015), Unity
Contribution: Pitch, Level Design, Prototyping, Design Tools, Specification

Type: Point & Click, Driving Rogue-Lite

Summary: Initially pitched as C.R.O.W (Comedy Roguelike On Wheels), Drive Another Day the player drive a rebellious secret agent car which will go to great lengths to keep him from reaching his destination.

Survival on the Road: The player must deal with situations and obstacles on by steering the car and using its numerous gadgets and odd functionalities, with the only priority of never slowing down.

Testing your way out: One key aspect of the game is dealing with a living, almost breathing dashboard with ever changing layouts. This means finding appropriate ways to test and experiment with new gadgets while staying alive on the road.

Early Prototype Video

Christopher Knight
(Sound Design) / Jeremy Evain (Graphic Design) / João Pereira Lemos Costa (Graphic Design) / Lilian Gimenez (Programming) / Romain Vivier (Programming) / Laura Saada (Management) /  Rémi Langlais (UX Design) / Mathilde Regnier (Game Design) / Antoine M. Vallas (Game Design) / Christophe Lionet (Concept, Game Design).

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