It’s Not Safe Outside

Development : 2011 – 2012, XNA (Windows Phone), Halted

Type: Fruit Ninja Survival

Safe Travels: It’s Not Safe Outside tasks you to protect a group of three ill-advised hikers during their nocturnal travels. The forest hides many dangerous things, including ghost ninjas and zombies in shiny knight armor.

Perverse genetics! The game was an experiment in object generation and placement using chromosomes and genetic algorithms. A fitness function determines the player’s performance for a said level and compares it with all previous iterations. Then, the chances of levels chromosomes reproducing are based on how poorly the player did in the levels he/she faced, making the game progressively evolve based on player strategies.

Slice And Dice And Crush And Burn: Multiple weapons to buy and use, each with their own control scheme. Why slash zombies when you can burn them or send them rocketing to the sky?

Awards: It’s Not Safe Outside started as a Game Jam title developed with Robert Marshall for the Three Thing Game 2011, where it earned first prize amongst 30 teams. It was then rebuilt from the ground-up, with new effects, weapons, enemies, and the genetic system.

Gameplay Video #1 (Level Loop)
Gameplay Video #2 (Special Weapons)

Christophe Lionet ( Game Design, Programming, Graphic Design )

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