Janin Quest

You can play it here. (Description Below)

 Development: November 2013, Unity

Type: Top-Down Shooter

A Complete Private Joke: Featuring our resident programmer and Mac Gyver extraordinaire, Janin Quest is a study in destructible environments and how they can affect the choices made in 2D level design.

Destruct-a-thon: The entire level from Janin Quest is destructible. Starting from a very weak position, the player has to progressively acquire strength in order to break bigger blocks, until he/she is able to plow through walls and barriers as if they were butter.

Alternate choices! Freedom and such! Player progress is only determined through their choices in destruction, which means there are a variety of ways to traverse the level, depending on which parts of the level they are able to destroy at any given moment.

Play Game

Christophe Lionet (Concept, Game Design, Programming)

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