Development: March – May 2014, First year student project.

Type: First Person Time Puzzler

Summary: SOON is an experiment in turning time travel into a sandbox mechanic, with the freedom to explore a little world and to solve its puzzles.

Escape from groundhog day: The player is trapped in a futuristic dome where time spans through an entire day. To escape from the dome, the player must collect and disable its multiple energy sources scattered in the environement using his time travel abilities.

Your thesis in stasis: In addition to the freedom of travelling through time, the player can freeze any object. Said object won’t be affected by the time passing, allowing the player to de-synchronize elements of the scene and to change how the level behaves.

Web Player Version

Christopher Knight
(Sound Design) / Shu Yan (Graphic Design) / Daniel Quach (Programming) / Alizée Mialane (UX Design) / Gwenaëlle LeGoff (Game Design) / Christophe Lionet (Concept, Game Design).

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